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Reasons why "adulting" is so hard (Photo Credit: Twitter/@icantadult)

Millennial Struggles

“Go to college,” they said. “Get a good job,” they said. Ha, don’t make me laugh! Employment is screwed up, tore up from the flo’ up, So telling us young adults these words, Don’t be daft. “Get married,” they said. “Have some babies,” they said. Mind your business or help me, God! How can we […]

For my Grandma and other's who've been affected by this awful disease (Ask Doctor K)


There was once a lady, young and strong, Who led a fantastic life. Over 58 years of marriage long, She became a different wife. She birthed three loving offspring, One aunt, one uncle, my dad. Until this disease’s awful sting, She was the best mother they’ve ever had. Now that grandpa passed, Grandma is on […]

Please Google take notice of my website!

Google Lamentations

Oh, Google, may one ask of Thee Without being shaken or feeling nervously To boost┬ásearch engines so the world can see The newfound glory of TDD? I ask this website to loom On every computer in every room, That daily visitors will also boom Instead of meeting most other website’s doom. TDD is meant for […]

For those who still doubt the King (Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated)

LeBron Is King

For years upon years, Many have nagged on the other side of the spectrum While others bragged. Your fans have always been one of a kind. Idolizing you and giving you praise, They’re never hard to find. Your list of haters included me. My foolish speech denied the greatness You were always meant to be. […]

A poem about gaming and rage quitting. (Photo Credit: JSTOR Daily)

Gaming Rage

A bump has formed on the wrist, Maybe another contusion. How will I explain these marks on my legs, They’re definitely brusin.’ This PS4 haunts millions of people’s dreams, Especially mine, And cause adults alike To mope and whine. And throw hissy fits, We are out our wits Screaming into the mic To bitch and […]