How to Tie a Tie (Instructions)

Either young or old,

You must learn this art.

But what’s the process,

Where to start?


Bring the cloth around back your neck

It will be loose before becoming tight

Thick end goes to the left,

And slim part on your right.


Make the thick part much longer,

Here’s how to figure the right height.

Either the second or third button

Should be the length of the right.


Configure the measurements,

I’ll wait here until then.

Ready to continue?

Ok then, let’s begin.


Left goes over right,

Then take it down under.

Pull the flap through the “V,”

Those are three steps, no wonder.


Left hand still on the short end,

The fat part is now on the right.

Bring it behind the formation,

Now the small part is back on the right.


Fat part in left hand,

Take it out front and push through the “V.”

Pull it behind the short end,

There’s a triangle now, see?


With your right hand,

Wrap the long end round counterclockwise.

Now there are a few more steps

To your prize.


Pull long end to your left

And short part down with the right hand

Bring long part behind the knot

And up through the “V” again


Pulling the long part upward,

Look down at your knot.

There’s a slit toward the front,

Focus on that spot.


Open the slit narrowly,

Then put the long part through.

Almost there my friend,

Not much left to do!


Pull the long part firmly,

Till there’s none left to go by.

Congratulations dear reader,

You’ve successfully tied a tie!




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