Rubik’s Cube

So a lot of you may be triggered just by the title, so am I.  Believe me.  This nightmare spontaneously reappeared in my life like an unwarranted ex-girlfriend.  There is some unsettled business remaining with this kid’s toy…

I must solve this mother fucker!

So, where to begin?


Already checked many YouTube videos, don’t think success will stem from these sources!  A common theme with all of them is the rotations of the cube: Up, Down, Front, Back, Left, Right, all that jazz.  The person in the recording goes too fast half the time while explaining their actions.


Currently reading one book, don’t ask for the title and author because I forgot.  He does a good job stating history on the creator of the cube and endless possible formations the cube can become.  Question is how to narrow all those formations down to the one formation it’s supposed to be in.

The author didn’t take long to get into mumbo-jumbo of the twists and turns and faces of the cube, that’s when I turned my Kindle off.  It’s going to take time to reach this achievement, apparently…

So, what now?

question mark








Seems like all there’s to do is keep twisting and turning and learning.  Also, keep cramming information from YouTube videos and books.  Joy.

Don’t worry, you’ll know the day this darn cube gets solved.

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