Angry/Sincere Prayer



First off, thank you for keeping me alive thus far, being twenty-four years old.  You know I don’t deserve these many years after all the shenanigans and charades I’ve exhibited.  Plus all of the commands that have been broken, You’re Grace truly is amazing.

I’m just flustered and a little upset where I’m at in life.  Like, what the heck man?  I’m trying to figure out the next move You’d have me take to further my career, get my own place, and perhaps start a family.  Even while in the spirit of prayer, things are all too confusing and hardly make sense.  It seems like what is Your voice really isn’t.

I hate feeling pissed off and ungrateful towards You, especially after all the goodness bestowed upon me.  I guess the confusion is on my part; so many things fill my life that can blockade our communication.  Help me to purge those objects that do…

I hope whoever feels the same way may be able to talk to You about their problems and hopefully get clarity.  Keep us near Your Heart, Lord.


In Your Name,

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