Cardi B’s Would-Be Suing Rap

Read the poem to beat of this instrumental ­čśé┬áRead and pause in between comas!
(Video Credit:  Ethan Rowling)
All rights go to Cardi B & Logan Mashups.


(0:15) Lil trick, you won’t take my┬ámoney if you wanted to,
(0:19) Word on the streets is you gon’ sue me, bitch,
(0:21) What you gonna do?
(0:23) Honestly, couldn’t give a f*ck, what you want from me,
(0:27) With or without you I’ll be the bitch, who I’m gonna be,
(0:31) Still be makin’ hella hits and big money┬á – sorry B
(0:34) Rock the stage in high-end clothes perfectly, flawlessly
(0:38) Gotta baby on the way it’s best you do not come for me
(0:42) Cause then you’ll activate maternal┬áhatred you don’t wanna see




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