Millennial Struggles

“Go to college,” they said.
“Get a good job,” they said.
Ha, don’t make me laugh!
Employment is screwed up, tore up from the flo’ up,
So telling us young adults these words,
Don’t be daft.

“Get married,” they said.
“Have some babies,” they said.
Mind your business or help me, God!
How can we care for another
When we can barely do so ourselves
And carry on a happy family facade?

“Go out on your own,” they said.
“Get your own place,” they said.
These words just make us tickle.
Where will the lack of funds allow us to go?
We’ll be glad to get out of your house
If you spare a nickel…

You Silencers, Boomers, and X’s, can’t you tell,
Being a Millennial is living hell!


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