Welcome, Reader!


The Daily Diarist, TDD for short, is a poetry hub.  I will post entries myself, but really it is for the public to submit their work to showcase their own skills.  There will also be times to submit poems to cover a certain topic:  a winner will be chosen for a prize!

TDD’s mission is to keep people informed of what’s happening in the world and put them into a fun community with individuals who love words.

The Daily Diarist will also act as a functioning blog, so you’ll have your videos, pictures, other blog posts, all the like.

You don’t have to be shy or a professional poet to get published, just do it!  What do you have to lose?  You never know what a little courage can do to you; you can trust that bit of advice.

Enjoy your stay at The Daily Diarist.  Happy reading and writing, my friends.