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A poem of random guy I see on the way to work (Photo Credit: Clipartix)

Black Karate Man

On the way to work, there’s this one brother Who might kick anyone’s ass, Who moves swiftly through the grass, Who’s intimidating to pass, Who may have been trained by Mr. Miyagi, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or an angry black mother. This brother is calm as air; He moves with finesse; My utmost word can attest […]

A poem about filing taxes by The Daily Diarist (Photo Credit:

File My Taxes

Perhaps April months too late I thought that I could wait. Didn’t know that this very night Would be of my own fate. To file what income was won, Which pathetically, was little to none. Then the results proceedeth to weigh On my bank account a ton. The balance due almost made me cry And […]

A prayer that is angry and sincere (Photo Cred: The Thoughtful Christian)

Angry/Sincere Prayer

Lord,   First off, thank you for keeping me alive thus far, being twenty-four years old.  You know I don’t deserve these many years after all the shenanigans and charades I’ve exhibited.  Plus all of the commands that have been broken, You’re Grace truly is amazing. I’m just flustered and a little upset where I’m […]

Should I brush my teeth in the morning? YES!

Morning Breath

This piece will be short Because I cannot keep The breath I’ve received From my recent sleep.   I apologize, readers, There’s a deep yearning To free my nose From this awful burning.   Bid you, good day As I put to death This extremely offensive Early breath.   For it is so bad, I, myself, […]